Tips for taking beautiful photos

This is how your photos SHOULDN'T Look!

This is how your photos SHOULDN’T Look!

In today’s world taking photos is as easy as pulling out your cell phone and pushing a button. People are taking photographs all the time to share on social media and to record their memories.

In the past photography was an expensive hobby. Digital technology has made photography accessible to a lot more people and has taken the expense out of the hobby. Now we can take a photo and see immediately if it is good or bad. We can choose to keep it or simply delete it and try again.

For social media sharing, the composition of the photo is not essential. If, however, you want to print out your photographs and hang them on your walls, then composition becomes much more important.

Here are a few tips from us to help you take beautiful photographs:

Before setting out:

  1. Ensure that your cell phone battery is well charged & that you have enough data space.
  2. Ensure that your cell phone camera is on a high resolution setting. This is a MUST!

Photo composition ideas:

  1. Pay attention to the background. Keep it simple and uncluttered. Keep unattractive objects like dustbins and toilets out of your photographs!
  2. Don’t chop off the heads.
  3. With a group of people, stagger the heads so that not everyone is at the same height. This adds interest to the photograph.
  4. Placing the subject in the center is not always best. Remember the Rule of Thirds when taking photographs.
  5. Improve the lighting on the subject by using a reflector to reflect sunlight onto the faces. Something as simple as a white piece of paper or a cooler box lid will do the job.
  6. Look for the photo in the photo. Clever cropping of a photo can sometimes significantly improve it.
  7. Take lots of photographs, choose the best and delete the rest!

We all want beautiful photos of our family displayed in our home so get that camera out and start practising!

And then, of course, don’t forget to contact us at Mooshimoo so that we can print your best ones onto canvas for you!






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