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To become a shop owner selling beautiful, different locally made products was always a dream of mine that never seemed possible.  Having a shop has scary challenges like high rentals that need to be met, getting the foot traffic and cash flow to stock your shop.  I then realized that the next best option would be to open an online shopMM-(24) – namely Mooshimoo 🙂 This took the challenge of meeting high rental costs and stocked shelves right out of the equation.  I have been selling my customized canvas prints and vinyl blocks as well as generic signs on the Mooshimoo online store for 2 years now.  My business has grown slowly but surely.  But, I still didn’t have the satisfaction of owning a real live shop.  There is no real life customer interaction with an online store and no excitement of crazy busy days at the shop.

Meeting Jenny from Tinkle-pea was the beginning of a new adventure for Mooshimoo.  Jenny is the owner of the Tinkle-pea online toy store which sells Melissa & Doug and Lego products.  I quickly learned that she also wanted to have a real life shop but had the same worries as what I had.  It seemed that jumping into the fire alone was extremely scary but jumping in with someone holding your hand made it seem only a little scary.  Before we knew it we were opening our shop, Co-Hoots (because Mooshimoo and Tinkle-pea were in cahoots together)

Co-Hoots opened their doors on the 21 August 2015 in Link Hills Shopping Centre, Waterfall, Kzn, South Africa

Co-Hoots has a wide range of Mooshimoo products. Custom canvas prints can also be ordered at the shop.  Tinkle-pea has stocked the shop with Melissa & Doug and Lego toys.  Amongst the canvases and toys we have various local crafters and businesses that showcase their products.  You will find clothes, jewelry, pottery, crocheted items, candles, skin care products, home decor items, toffee, chocolate and fudge – just to name a few!  Have a look at the Facebook page to see how wonderful 20160318_094700our shop is

So now Mooshimoo is proudly an Online Store as well as in a Real Life Shop 🙂

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